• Round Wall clock

    Round Wall CLock
    made For EUPOLE

    The wall clock ordered by EUPOL Afghanistan, all clocks Delivered  to EUPOLE main office kabul with Success and best quality, this clock also

     ordered by 2 other customer. 

  • Engraved 1 TV Mug

    1 TV Mug

    The mug mage for 1 TV Afghanistan and 1 TV logo engraved and coloring on it. First PO completed and 2nd ordered for more other 

    colors, we are provided mugs with inside 5 colors with are mach with 1TV logo

  • ABI Bank Award Medal

    AIB Bank

    AIB Bank medal made for best Employee of the Year. all order done.

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  • Naikbeen Group Formed in 2002 as a family-owned company, NAIKBEEN GROUP OF COMPANIES has established itself as a leader in the areas of consultancy project, Human Resources outsourcing Managements, Information technologies, Promotional Supply, HR Service, Manufacturer & Support as w

    We have opened many offices locally and are spreading our operations by incorporating into new industries and Services, Through our actions we are able to offer employment for the youth of Afghanistan and also train them to learn and prosper throughout their career. 

Naikbeen Group

We take it upon ourselves to ensure that everything should be done for the improvements of the living standards of Afghan citizens. We also try to raise the benchmark for performance and quality amongst our competitors so that a competitive environment is created which would benefit the public and would give us a reason to pursue a higher quality standard. 
Business Registration:
Registered in Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA); Registration Number is ( D-29918 )
And Registered In Afghanistan Chamber Of Commerce Industrial (ACCI), Also we are Member of (ICC).